Scrub My Info - Family Plan (up to 5 individuals)

Scrub My Info - Individual Plan $249/6 months

(Introductory Offer $219/6 months)

This plan is designed to find, remove and then keep removed the information you want scrubbed from data broker and people search websites. Our services will be performed by a real life individual working on your behalf to remove information, errors, inaccuracies related to you and your loved ones, and we will continue to search for and remove this information for the course of your service subscription.

Our method of information removal has yielded results in as little as 1 hour. While we can not guarantee this result in every instance, significant results are seen within 72 hours on average.

We then continue to search for and remove any existing or new information that continues to appear or reappears on other sites/services.

Should you require additional services beyond 6 months, a service extension can be added at any time at a reduced rate ($129/6 mos).